Friday, May 23, 2014

Today is...
World Turtle Day!
Did you know that turtles have been around for more than 200 million years? These ancient creatures evolved before mammals, birds, snakes, or lizards! Biologists believe that turtles have managed to outlive many other species due to the unique protection provided by their shells.
Turtles come in all different shapes and sizes, and can be found on every continent except Antartica. The smallest is the Bog Turtle, which usually measures just four inches in length, and the largest is the Leathery Turtle, which can weigh up to 1500 pounds!
To celebrate World Turtle Day, donate to your favorite “save the turtles” organization! 

Today is also National Taffy Day & National Wig Out Day

May is National Bike Month & National Hamburger Month & National Strawberry Month

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    History for May 23rd

       1785 - Benjamin Franklin announces his invention of bifocals.
      1911 - Dedication of New York Public Library.

       1929 - The first talking cartoon of Mickey Mouse, The Karnival Kid, is released.

       1934 - American bank robbers, Bonnie and Clyde, are ambushed by police and killed.

       1940 - Frank Sinatra records "I'll Never Smile Again" with Tommy Dorsey.

"A constant struggle, a ceaseless battle to bring success from inhospitable surroundings, is the price of all great achievements."
- Marden

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