Thursday, May 22, 2014

Today is...
Buy a Musical Instrument Day!
It is unknown when the first musical instrument was invented, but historians believe that flutes made of animal bones date back 37,000 years. Today there are 6 main instrument categories - percussion, woodwinds, brass, strings, keyboard, and electronic.
The most played instrument worldwide is the piano, followed by the guitar and the drums. 21 million Americans play the piano; which is more then all other instruments combined! Other popular instruments include the flute, ukulele, saxophone, clarinet, trombone, and violin. Not only is playing a musical instrument fun, it can also increase abilities in other areas. Children who play a musical instrument are shown to read at advanced levels, have larger vocabularies, and work better in teams. 
Playing a musical instrument is a fun and engaging activity for people of all ages. Celebrate today as you learn to play a new instrument, or tune up an old one! 

Today is also National Vanilla Pudding Day & Chardonnay Day

May is National Bike Month & National Hamburger Month & National Strawberry Month

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    History for May 22nd

       1939 - Hitler & Mussolini sign the "Pact of Steel".
      1942 - United Steelworkers trade union forms after the breakup of the Steel Workers Organizing Committee.

       1947 - The first US ballistic missile is fired.

       1973 - U.S. President Richard Nixon confesses his role in the Watergate cover-up.

       1990 - The Windows 3.0 operating system is released by Microsoft.

"Everything comes if a man will only wait."

  - Benjamin Disraeli

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