Friday, May 2, 2014

Today is...
National Truffle Day!
According to legend, a man named Louis Dufour invented the chocolate truffle in Chambéry, France in 1895. A few years later, Antoine Dufour opened the Prestat Chocolate Shop in London. Historians believe this chocolate shop was solely responsible for popularizing chocolate truffles in England (and beyond), but the relationship between Louis and Antoine is uncertain. Fun fact: Roald Dahl, the author of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, was a huge fan of Prestat truffles!
The first recipes for chocolate truffles appeared in the 1920s. Today there are three main types—American, European, and Swiss. Each type of truffle has a slightly different twist, but they all include a creamy ganache filling and a topping like cocoa, coconut, or drizzled chocolate.
To celebrate National Truffle Day, stop by your local candy shop and pick up a variety of delicious chocolate truffles!

May is National Bike Month & National Hamburger Month & National Strawberry Month

This week is Be Kind to Animals Week

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      History for May 2nd

         1932 - Comedian Jack Benny's first radio show premieres on the NBC Blue Network.
        1933 - Legend of Loch Ness Monster is born.

         1952 - The world's first jet airliner passenger service begins with a BOAC Comet.

         2000 - Bill Clinton announces that accurate GPS access is no longer restricted to only the military.

        2005 - Production of the Pontiac Grand Am ceases at 100 year-old Lansing Assembly plant.

"I became an optimist when I discovered that I wasn't going to win any more games by being anything else."
- Earl Weaver

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